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This page contains information about placing a retired racing greyhound with GAP and non-GAP green collar testing for other greyhounds

Placing a Greyhound into GAP


The best way to ensure compliance with R106, whilst simultaneously helping to improve the image of Greyhound Racing in Queensland is to place your dog in the GAP.

In south east Queensland waiting times to enter the program are relatively short, generally 2 to 4 weeks. In Townsville, the waiting time is longer because of limited kennel availability.

We do not have an age limit however dogs must be in good health and not aggressive to people or other animals. The GAP process requires assistance from owners and trainers to ensure the future success of your dogs on retirement.

GAP will accept

  • non-chasers
  • puppies
  • dogs that haven’t broken in well for a variety of reasons or are just too slow
  • retired racing dogs

Greyhounds must

  • be off the track for at least 2 weeks prior to their intake date
  • be free from all external and internal parasites, and be up to date with worming, flea and tick prevention and heartworm prevention
  • be free from injury and illness. This includes hot spots, sores/pustules and conjunctivitis
  • be currently vaccinated (C5)


1. Application - please submit an application for entry to GAP for your dog. Print and complete the GAP Intake Submission Form and scan and email it to

or post it to


PO Box 15666 City East

Qld 4002

2. Veterinary Assessment - A basic completed veterinary assessment is required to demonstrated that the dog is in good health with no veterinary issues that will limit its quality of life. Minor conditions that are treatable, or being treated, will not result in the dog being rejected by GAP.

Print and have your veterinarian complete the GAP Health Pre-screening Form and submit it with your GAP Intake Submission Form. We suggest that the form is completed at the same time that your dog’s C5 vaccination is given.

3. Behavioural pre-assessment – All greyhounds entering GAP must also pass a very brief Behaviour Pre-assessment to determine whether the dog is a suitable candidate for the program. Please note that not every category will usually be tested, but the dog must accept handling by strangers and be generally sociable with people, not be predatory or aggressive toward other dogs, including small dogs and not be fearful of other dogs.

What is the behavioural pre-assessment? The behavioural pre-assessment is a quick and relatively simple process which involves evaluating a greyhound’s responses to other dogs, particularly small dogs and unfamiliar people. This include observations of the greyhound’s behaviour and demeanour, its reaction to handling by GAP staff and its interactions with other dogs including a small dog.

Behavioural Pre-assessments should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes, and can be conducted in your presence, either at Churchable, Townsville or at another venue that is convenient to you where possible. GAP will schedule regular days at central venues and you can book your dog into on of these.

You can book your dog in for a behavioural pre-assessment by contacting GAP or calling us on (07) 5424 6092

If your dog passes our behavioural pre-assessment he/she will be taken by us directly into the program. Once at GAP your dog will be fully assessed over several weeks to determine whether he/she is suitable for life after retirement in a pet home as a GAP Green Collar greyhound.

You will need to take home any dogs that fail the behavioural pre-assessment. GAP will provide advice regarding re-presenting your dog at a later date.

What happens if my greyhound does not pass the pre-assessment? The dog may be retested at another date. A period of additional socialisation and/or training might assist some greyhounds in passing the temperament test on another day.


How do I prepare my greyhound for the pre-assessment? You can help by having your greyhound off the track and out of work for at least 2 weeks prior, ensure that they are fit, healthy and happy, free from all external and internal parasites, and be up to date with worming, flea and tick prevention and heartworm prevention. Dogs must be free from injury and illness. This includes happy tail, pannus, hot spots, sores/pustules and conjunctivitis.

 There are many things that owners/trainers can do during the lifetime of a greyhound to improve the behaviour and sociability of the dog, and particularly in the lead up to the dog’s retirement from racing. Don’t leave it to just before they retire to put these things in place – dogs should be socialised from puppies and throughout their lifetimes.

Greyhound owners/trainers can prepare their dogs for retirement and success by ensuring that their greyhounds are well handled and socialised. Note that a well socialised dog that is not anxious is actually more likely to perform better on the track as they are not frightened or distracted by the sights and sounds of race day. Encourage your greyhounds to be friendly and sociable individuals.

1)      Introduce them to other animals under controlled and safe circumstances, particularly small dogs, cats, poultry and livestock

2)      Teach them to walk calmly and on a loose leash

3)      Teach them basic manners, both on and off leash

4)      Expose them to new experiences, flooring, surfaces, stairs, noises etc.

5)      Give them as much time out of work and away from racing as possible prior to GAP pre-assessment

6)      Give them time in a home environment and out of kennels


Non-GAP Green Collar Testing

Regardless of where an adopted Greyhound has been obtained, GAP provides a service in that we will assess any greyhound for a Green Collar to exempt it from muzzling in Queensland.

  • Contact GAP to register and pay as a participant
  • Your dog must be desexed and microchipped
  • You will receive a Green Collar booklet with a simple program of practical exercises to work through over three months with your dog to help it adjust to domestic life and to help both you and GAP to find out more about your greyhound
  • After three months, your dog can be assessed for its “green collar”

* Please note: payment of fee is not a guarantee that the Greyhound will successfully achieve green collar muzzle exemption status

The fee for The Non-GAP Green Collar Package is $80. This fee covers the cost of booklet materials, the collar, and GAP’s resources

To register your Greyhound for assessment or for further information please call during office hours on 07 5424 6092 or email us at