Placing a greyhound into GAP & Green Collar Assessments

This page contains information about placing a greyhound with GAP, our non-GAP green collar testing, and some general informaiotn about greyhounds. Please read on and feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.

Placing a Greyhound with GAP


The easiest way to ensure compliance with R106, whilst simultaneously helping to improve the image of Greyhound Racing in Queensland is to place your dog in the GAP. In the South East corner at least, waiting times to enter the program are relatively short approximately 16 weeks, however we do ask that you allow the dog to settle for at least 2 – 3 months post racing, this will give your greyhound a better chance of success during the assessment process.

We will accept:

  • non-chasers
  • puppies
  • dogs that haven’t broken in well for a variety of reasons or are just too slow
  • retiring racing dogs

We do not have an age limit however dogs must be in good health and not aggressive to people or other animals.

As of 1 January 2018 all Greyhounds entering GAP must:

  • pass a behavioural pre-assessment to determine whether the dog is a suitable candidate for the program – you can book your dog in for a pre-assessment by contacting GAP
  • be off the track for at least 4 weeks prior to their intake date
  • be free from all external and internal parasites, and be up to date with worming, flea and tick prevention and heartworm prevention
  • be free from injury and illness. This includes hot spots, sores/pustules and conjunctivitis
  • be clean and bathed

Forms Required:

Non-GAP Green Collar Testing

Regardless of where an adopted Greyhound has been obtained, GAP provides a service in that we will assess any greyhound for a Green Collar to exempt it from muzzling in Queensland.

  • Contact GAP to register and pay as a participant
  • Your dog must be desexed and microchipped
  • You will receive a workbook with a simple program of practical exercises to work through over three months with your dog to help it adjust to domestic life and to help both you and GAP to find out more about your greyhound
  • After three months, your dog can be assessed for its “green collar”

* Please note: payment of fee is not a guarantee that the Greyhound will successfully achieve green collar muzzle exemption status

The fee for The Non-GAP Green Collar Package is $80. This fee covers the cost of booklet materials, the collar, and GAP’s resources

To register your Greyhound for assessment or for further information please call during office hours on 07 3174 0594 or email


You have adopted a Greyhound and are no longer able to keep your greyhound:

If you have adopted a greyhound and for unavoidable reasons are not in a position to keep your greyhound we ask that you please try and rehome your greyhound yourself before contacting GAP. We do not always have places available to take in greyhounds that have already been adopted.

If you are still unable to rehome your grey we will endeavour to take him/her back onto the program as soon as possible.

Your dog will need to have a clean bill of health from your vet, and must have a current C5 Vaccination and a completed veterinary assessment that indicates that the dog is in good health with no veterinary or behavioural issues that will limit its quality of life 

 Your greyhound may also need a dental (examination, scale and clean of their teeth) If your dog has not had a dental in the last 12 months and it is deemed by your vet that one is needed we can organise for it to be done at your expense