Greyhound Adoption Program QLD

Meet Jon – South East QLD!

Race Name:
DOB: 06/03/2015
Sex: Male
Colour: White and Brindle
Weight: 35

Jon is the perfect gentleman! He is sweet and gentle and has lovely manners. Jon has an affectionate side where he loves cuddles and kisses and will stand there and soak it all up with a very content and pleased look on his face.

He does also have an independent side and is happy to head off and do his own thing, exploring and taking everything in his stride. He loves toys, throwing them around and entertaining himself.

Jon enjoys his enrichment activities, working out the fastest way to get all the treats out – he’s such a clever boy. He enjoys going out for daily walks and loves food and will do anything for a yummy liver treat! Jon will make a great family pet, being very happy as an only dog, soaking up all the love and attention for himself!

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