Greyhound Adoption Program QLD

Meet Earl – South East QLD!

Race Name:
DOB: 07/12/2014
Sex: Male
Colour: Brindle
Weight: 27

Earl is a sweet young man with a calm and gentle nature. He has a very loving personality, enjoying cuddles and kisses and could be patted all day long!

Earl is great to walk on lead and enjoys heading out for a short walk and is then usually tired and ready for a nap or relax in the sun. Earl certainly livens up when he smells his food and will eat anything that is given to him. He really likes his different food enrichment activities and they keep his mind busy.

Earl is suited to most home environments and would be happy as a single dog or having a canine friend. He would like to be apart of the family and included in family activities. Earl enjoys being around people and of course getting as many pats as possible and will make a lovely companion in the home!

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