Greyhound Adoption Program QLD

Meet Cleo – South East QLD!

Race Name:
DOB: 18/07/2016
Sex: Female
Colour: Black
Weight: 26

Cleo is a an excitable young girl who is full of energy and life! She is confident and happy and enjoys human attention and affection.

Cleo is active and likes to get out and about each day on walks and adventures to release some excess energy. She also likes her daily enrichment activities which keeps her mind busy. Because Cleo is very young and active, she needs plenty of mental enrichment activities, exercise and attention to feel content.

Cleo would enjoy living with a playful canine friend to keep her company. After she has released her excess energy, she is happy to curl up and relax, enjoying cuddles. Cleo will keep your smiling and entertained!

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