Foster a Greyhound

Foster carers are pivotal to the ongoing success of GAP.

What does it take to become a foster carer for GAP? 

Just a little love, a lot of patience together with a 155 cm (5 foot) secure fenced area with shelter from the elements. Fostering means taking a greyhound into your home for a minimum of 6 weeks and possibly longer while we match the foster dog to the best forever family. During this time you will be provided with the dog’s food and all veterinary care needed for the greyhound. 

We do ask that our foster carers help out by transporting their foster dog to vet appointments and by picking up dog food from distribution locations. We will also ask you to provide a weekly update on the progress of your foster dog by email. If you can only take a foster dog for a shorter period please let us know when arranging your foster so we can accomodate your requirements.

Foster Carers help the greyhound adjust to life as a pet. This includes introducing the dog to new things such as vacuum cleaners, glass doors, stairs, and other pets in the home, etc.

Time in a foster home is essential for the greyhound and is an important part of helping GAP make sure that the right dog goes to the right home.

If you think you might be able to help a Greyhound become a loving family pet, please submit the Foster Care Registration form.