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Meet some of our hounds looking for homes. Is your new best friend here? Then apply to adopt today!

Please meet some of our current greyhounds looking for a loving forever home. We do try to keep this page current but don’t be disappointed if you miss out on one of these hounds as we always have new hounds dogs coming in to the program. We will usually have more greyhounds to show you than we have on this page, so get in touch. The GAP team will always try to match you to the greyhound that best suits your family’s needs. For further information or email us on gap@qric.qld.gov.au

A schedule of our current adoption fees are available on our FAQ page. Please note that our office hours 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday and outside of these hours you can leave a message along with a return contact number and we will get back to you as soon possible on the next business day.

All Greyhounds adopted from GAP are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, heartworm tested and health checked and have had a scale and clean of their teeth. During the foster process they quickly and easily make the transition from being a racing dog to pet. Such is the stringent nature of the GAP assessment processes that the Queensland Government legislates that greyhounds successfully passing through GAP no longer have to be muzzled in public.

Please note that all hound information shown here is believed to be correct based on information supplied to GAP.


While all greyhounds are tolerant of children, some enjoy their company more than others. This symbol indicates dogs that we feel are particularly suited to homes with children.


Some greys are fine as an only dog, others need company. This symbol indicates that the dog would be happiest in a home with a canine friend to play with.


This indicates that the greyhound is happy to live with cats.


Most of our dogs are not tested with livestock. This symbol indicates that the dog has been fostered with horses, cows etc and is comfortable around them.


Most of our dogs are not tested with poultry. This symbol indicates that the dog has been fostered with poultry and is comfortable with them.

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